The gallery features images, collected with light and electron microscopes, taken by our staff. Hover the mouse over each image to display a brief description or click on any image below to view it. Navigate through the gallery by clicking “PREV” or “NEXT” on images. Click on CLOSE or hit ESCAPE to exit.

Nicotinamide Recrystallized

UHMW Polyethylene

Optical Fiber

Carbon Black

Lincoln Penny Surface Profile


Architectural Glass Corrosion

Cat Hair

    Residue on Sight Glass

    Anthracene Recrystallized

    Tremolite Asbestos

    Amphibole (multiple exposures)

    Biologicals on a Tube

    Granite from Stone Mountain, Georgia

    Layered Paint

    Clean Wipe Surface Profile

      'Dust Bunny'

      Salt (Color Added) Crystallized in High-Temp Kiln

      Winged Insect Embedded in Stopper

      Silver-Based Antimicrobial

      Interference Pigments

        'Football' Shaped Fungal Spores

        Talc Particle

        Recrystallized Pharmaceutical Compound (Color Added)

        $20 Dollar Bill

        $20 Dollar Bill

        Bacteria on Surface of Pharmaceutical Bio-tube

        Chrysotile Asbestos

        Organic Crystal Fusion Prep

          Architectural Paint

          Center of a Four-leaf Clover

          Lactic Acid Fusion Prep

          Atomic Force Microscope Probe Tip

          HVAC Corrosion Recrystallized

          DDT Fusion Prep

          Aluminum Sulfate Recrystallized


            Tetramethyl Benzidine Recrystallized

            ron Coating Defect

            Fusion Prep

            Cenosphere with Crystals

            Sodium-Sulfur Contaminant

            Snowflake Replica

              Inter-grown Pharmaceutical Crystals

              Carbon Nanotubes

              Parakeet Feathers (Color Added)

              Grooves (Color Added) in a Used Vinyl LP Record

              Gold Nanoparticles

              Spores on an Air Filter

              Stained Leather Thin Section


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