Transmission Electron Microscopy

The transmission electron microscope (TEM) is the most powerful electron microscope at MVA Scientific Consultants.

In the TEM, a very high-energy electron beam is placed on a sample that is thin enough to be partially electron transparent, and the electron “shadow” of the sample is viewed and digitally recorded.

    The TEM can magnify specimens up to 1 million times with point-to-point resolution of better than 2 nm.

    Sample preparation for TEM analysis is critical.

    Samples must be extremely thin or made extremely thin to allow for the electron beam to completely penetrate a sample. Depending on the composition of the sample, we utilize two thinning techniques for preparing TEM samples: ion milling and ultramicrotomy.

    Using energy dispersive x-ray spectrometry (EDS), brightfield and darkfield imaging, and electron diffraction, our TEM capabilities can be used to characterize and identify a wide range of materials.

    TEM image of Halloysite fibers

    Halloysite fibers analyzed by TEM

    Carbon black TEM image

    Carbon black TEM image