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Clean Wipe Surface Profile Silver-Based Antimicrobial Lincoln Penny Surface Profile Welding Sphere Anthracene Fusion Prep Stone Mountain Granite Lactic Acid Fusion Prep Crystallized Salt Carbon Black Insect Embedded in Stopper Aluminum Sulfate Recrystallized Cat Hair Residue on Sight Glass Gold Nanoparticles Iron Coating Defect Architectural Glass Corrosion UHMW Polyethylene Layered Paint Steel Corrosion Flowers Pollen Interference Pigments PS/PMMA  Atomic Force Microscope Probe Dust Bunny Talc Particle DDT Fusion Prep HVAC Corrosion Recrystallized Snowflake Replica Wheat Gluten Sodium-Sulfur Contaminant

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MVA Scientific Consultants and ICMAS invite you to attend a free webinar

“AFM-IR: Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy for the Materials and Life Sciences”

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Duluth, GA

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MVA Scientific Consultants is offering a Pharmaceutical Training Course in Duluth, GA

“Pharmaceutical Foreign Particulate Examination, Isolation & Analysis”

April 22-23, 2014

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